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Virtual Reality VR Club

Welcome aboard our Space VR starship, Friend!

We are ready to go on an exciting journey through the virtual spaces of the infinite Universe. Choose the destination of your choice and fly!

What do you like more: spooky horror or fierce monster fighting? Or maybe an incendiary fitness workout with Beat Saber or Sparc? Extreme in snowy mountains or picturesque fantasy?

Our experienced space rangers will help you make the right choice!


We are located in the heart of Kyiv, 500 meters from Khreshchatyk metro station and 200 meters from the House with Chimeras


Spend time alone or hang out with friends! 5 slots are already waiting for you!


Cool HTC VIVE glasses and the coolest HTC VIVE PRO are waiting for you!


Learn new experiences with the most interesting games in Space VR Club







Kyiv, st. Lutheranskaya, 21

500 m. from Khreshchatyk metro station,
200 m. from the House with Chimeras

Virtual reality in Kyiv: a place you want to visit again

Virtual reality is a modern industry that is actively developing. The area where virtual reality can be applied is becoming wider. Many people associate VR exclusively with entertainment. Such a view is erroneous. Entertainment is just one of the uses for VR. In fact, there are many more applications. VR is in demand in scientific activities, industry, and education.

Of course, do not forget about entertainment. Virtual reality gaming club — a place for a luxurious holiday at an affordable price. One special helmet can take you to a brave new world full of surprises. And all this with the illusion of a complete realistic immersion in events. If you are interested virtual reality, Kyiv will provide a wide range of possibilities.

What you can get when visiting the virtual reality club

The main features and sensations that you can get by visiting virtual reality club, this is:

  • an adrenaline rush from a new, unexplored form of entertainment;
  • spend a birthday, a holiday, an important event in an unusual and fun way;
  • develop teamwork skills;
  • get a new life experience;
  • get a range of emotions, a charge of energy in an absolutely safe way.

When immersed, the brain perceives the image as a picture in reality. Living a real story while participating in exciting adventures is an incredible feeling. It is worth mentioning that such an artificial world is used even for training drivers and pilots. Playing familiar computer games or immersing yourself in a realistic world with amazing adventures is not the same thing.

About some VR features

Virtual Reality Club — a special place where you can get a unique opportunity to briefly escape from the hustle and bustle of the day. The world you will plunge into does not have working turmoil, everyday routine. 

VR club with full immersion — is not only a place to relax. Here you can spend unforgettable holidays, birthdays, events, because this way of spending time has not yet had time to get bored and become something familiar and standard. Restaurants, coffee houses, clubs, cafes — all this has managed to become pretty boring. Much more interesting to spend time in an unusual place, fun and with enthusiasm. Nobody will be bored. Impressions are absolutely guaranteed to everyone.

If you're wondering about snacking, don't worry. Delivery of your favorite delicacies can be ordered directly to the club. You can also use the cafe and find something special for yourself. These kinds of establishments are great for kids. All you need is to rest, relax, enjoy. The assortment of the club is diverse, entertainment is selected according to age, and will be of interest to both children and teens.

Where can you go? What stories are available in the club

Virtual Reality Club VR —  these are unlimited possibilities that are not available to man. For example, you can carry out a mission to save people on a desert island or in one of the galaxies of the universe. To acquire such an experience in everyday life is a task from the realm of fantasy. Even quest rooms with excellent acting and the selection of the necessary paraphernalia will not give sensations of this kind.

Entertainment in such places provides an opportunity to master such a skill as the ability to act in a team. Tasks are also designed to be performed in groups. This is much more productive than training with newfangled coaches. Virtual games are a great way to spend time with friends.

Virtual reality clubs provide the following stories:

  • shooters;
  • horror episodes;
  • adventure.

This is a surge of energy, delight, obtained by a safe method. This is not skydiving, extreme sports that are fraught with danger. Duels and battles with fantastic entities in a cozy room and in complete safety are something that will surely interest many. Such institutions replace a full-fledged session of psychotherapy. Temporary abstraction from the outside world, problems and stress is a way to get rid of anxiety and fears.

SpaceVR virtual reality club: what is provided for everyone

First of all, games are the exclusive entertainment of the technogenic age. For example, the SpaceVR club is located in the heart of the Ukrainian capital. The assortment includes not only shooting ranges and chases: there are both dynamic team games and stories for those who like to relax alone. Such games will attract fans of everything new and unusual. If interested virtual reality, prices pleasantly surprised here. Book a place and let yourself enjoy the bright colors of life.