Indie games - play and participate in non-trivial stories of independent developers

A wide range of the same type of games from well-known developers is already rather tired, but what if you plunge into a completely unpredictable and special world of independent creators who do not focus on what is familiar to gamers, but embody their own vision in the game? No problem! Indie games in a virtual reality club, not on a PC - that's what everyone should try.

Games can be found in large numbers on the site with a fairly decent assortment. Non-trivial plots of the game, survival tests, casual pixel entertainment or serious strategies, what will you choose?

Indie vr games - play in the club or get bored at home

This is an exciting experiment for the player. The following virtual games are especially popular among indie fans:

  • RUSH - an adrenaline universe of sharp jumps and dizzying speed;
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - quickly explain the location of the bomb;
  • QuiVr - grab arrows, friends, take a comfortable position and fight a horde of unfriendly enemies;
  • Beat Saber - dedicated to lovers of cool rhythm and drive.

It is better to find out the details of each indie vr game on your own and live all the moments alone or with a fun company.

Indie games: play until you lose your pulse in the SpaceVR club

The club will provide complete immersion and unreal feelings that you have never experienced before. Also, SpaceVR has such advantages that are guaranteed to attract any client, even if he does not like to play games.

  1. Convenient booking.
  2. Indie games – you can play anything you want. There are more than 20 different types of plots to choose from for every taste.
  3. Pre-consultation.
  4. Only high-quality and modern equipment. 

Feet in hand and run to join the ranks of fearless, courageous and unusual gamers who love unusual sensations!